Samiatt Folorunso


Accounts, Partner

In many ways, I’m an interpreter.

Working in the Finance team at Max Fordham, it’s my role to articulate the minefield of taxes and pensions and help the rest of the Practice understand their implications. It’s about making the difficult appear simple.

From helping the Partners complete their tax, to implementing the pension scheme, my work helps keep the wheels turning at the Practice.

Max Fordham is such a special place to work. It’s filled with an eclectic mix of people all dedicated to shaping the world we live in. I see the administration of the Practice’s finances as a major cogwheel in our operation. If that cogwheel fails, it leaves everything else in limbo.

Finally, I’m inspired by Max himself. He has given us a legacy, and that motivates me to ensure that legacy is left in good shape for those that follow me.’

Samiatt Folorunso