Black History Month: Time to 'podcast-ucate' ourselves!

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It's already the third Friday in October - time for us to share a third resource we can use to educate ourselves on Black History.


Last Friday, Ifeolu Adeyemi, Project Coordinator at Max Fordham, recommended "Racism and Engineering: The stories behind the statistics", a video by Engineers Without Borders UK.

Today we're continuing with...

Code Switch, a podcast recommended by Patricia Steven, Senior Engineer at Max Fordham.



Abstract painting of person's face, with words Code Switch in top right of image.

Here's what she says...

What better way to learn about other people’s experiences than to listen to them? Let's use this Black History Month (and every other month) to spend some time discovering new podcasts and new stories.

I love podcasts as a way of learning- who doesn’t enjoy a good story? I really enjoy Code Switch because it provides stories from history and perspectives that I wouldn’t normally be exposed to. I’ve learnt about how much others experience the world differently to me.  

Code switching originally referred to using two or more languages in a single conversation. It has evolved to describe how someone will change the way they speak and/or their behaviour to better fit in. BAME people are more likely to feel the need to code switch.

I recommend the episode titled “The Protest Heard ‘Round the World” which covers the statue of Edward Colston in Bristol being pulled down as part of the protests following the killing of George Floyd.


We hope you'll find this podcast as interesting as we do - keep your eyed peeled for next Friday too, when we'll be sharing our next recommendation.