We came top this bike month! Here's why we take part

Seven people wearing sports clothes with their bicycles

Throughout the month of May, we at Max Fordham were proud to take part in Bike Month – a celebration of cycling across the UK and the world.

The main aim of the movement, organised by Love to Ride, is simply to encourage people to cycle, with workplaces in friendly competition to cycle the furthest over the course of the month. We were delighted to come top in our category (200-499 staff).

Nearly a quarter of our partners and employees took part in Bike Month, cycling a total of 6,247 miles saving a total of 1,428lbs of CO2.

At Max Fordham, where sustainability is one of our founding principles, we love cycling, and support our staff to cycle where possible with initiatives such as the Cycle to Work scheme for employees, cycling mileage expenses, and access to showers, lockers and drying spaces. We also take part in events such as Cycle September and Bike Week in June. This year we decided to add Bike Month in May to the annual calendar as well. We use the Love to Ride logging system for all five of our offices to take part easily, and to encourage some healthy competition between our offices. It’s not just about distance, and we know that commuting by bike may not be a practical option for everyone – Love to Ride awards points for encouraging others to take part, number of days cycled, stationary bike sessions, and e-bike journeys as well.

Personally, I love cycling because it gets me from A to B with the least amount of faff. Ever since I was a teenager, I have found cycling to be the cheapest, easiest, and most enjoyable way to get around whichever city I am living in. It’s often the quickest way to get across a city – no traffic jams, timetables or bus fares. Apart from a helmet, Hi-Viz jacket and lights, I don’t have any fancy equipment or gadgets – I just get on my bike and ride! My cycle connects me to nature, it wakes me up and energises me in the morning, and it’s a chance to decompress at the end of workday. Happy cycling!

An infographic showing Max Fordham LLP bike month challenge 2024 result