Max Fordham: Engineering Ideas, Engineering Change

Our exhibition celebrating Max's life and work took place in early 2023 at the Building Centre in London. 

It told the story of Max as a pioneer of low-energy, sustainable building design through a curated collection of drawings, models, original letters and videos. 

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Through seminal projects from the last 50 years, the exhibition highlighted many of his key ideas and their impact on the design of the built environment.

The exhibition took place in the Building Centre, London

Visitors were able to listen to Max speak about his approach to building design and the Practice in his own words via an audio pod and film projector. A timeline of Max's life included letters and drawings from his childhood in Jamaica and about his education at the progressive Dartington Hall School. 

The exhibition included quotes from Max and information about projects

Featured projects included the Alexandra Road Housing Estate in Camden, Hulme 5  in Manchester, the Tate, in St Ives, and Max's own home, Max Fordham House - the UK's first ever net zero carbon home. 

There were books to read and Lego and Meccano to build

Featured Project

Max Fordham House