Memories & Reflections

Memories & Reflections

Colleagues and collaborators share their memories and reflections of Max...

"Max’s approach is in stark contrast to modern black box modelling. At the beginning of my time at Max Fordham he taught starting from basic numerical analysis of engineering ideas on a sheet of paper, with freehand sketches and heat transfer equations and numbers. In this way an understanding of what mattered, and scale, was provided to guide any thinking and design process, simplifying the problem so that understanding was possible. It was marvellous to learn in this way." - David Lindsey, Senior Partner at Max Fordham, colleague of Max for many years

"Max had a wonderful positive energy about him. He knew more about everything than most people I knew. He knew more people, especially architects, than anybody else. He laughed louder and more often than most people. He thought more deeply and broadly about things than most people I knew. He taught his young engineers how to think more analytically.  Since knowing Max I have tried to solve problems from first principles whenever I can." - Michael Edwards, former colleague of Max

"Remembering things Max said such as “We’re services engineers. A service is something you can’t drop on your foot” and “we need to understand why engineering matters to society”". - Randall Thomas, former Partner at Max Fordham, long-time colleague and friend of Max


"It is a delight to have worked with Max for 51 years - what a man, what an understanding and what a passion for our survival." - Robin Nicholson, Fellow at Cullinan Studio, long-time collaborator with Max, and Convenor of The Edge


"He really was an inspirational engineer.  I was also struck by his enjoyment of the process, and his unique laughter and smile. He had a tremendous influence on so many of us who care about the built environment by giving us encouragement, respect and above all, friendship." - Jane Wernick, Founder of Jane Wernick Associates (now incorporated into engineersHRW), long-time collaborator and friend


"Max was a true visionary and an inspiration to everyone who met him. I will cherish the memories of scientific and philosophical debates, his eternal curiosity, unfailing humour, that wonderful laugh, and his generosity of spirit exemplified by the way he shared his practice with his colleagues." - Alasdair Reid, Senior Partner at Max Fordham, colleague of Max for many years


"The breadth of his interest was a joy, while his good humour, generosity and humanitarianism will be part of his legacy as much as the engineering." - Ali Shaw, Partner at Max Fordham, Principal Engineer for Max’s House and friend of Max


"Max was an inspiration to me to keep fresh, to be curious, and to act on my convictions." - Colin Darlington, Senior Partner at Max Fordham


"I found his lack of pretentiousness and arrogance so refreshing for someone of his standing, as well as his humour." - David Lam, Engineer at Max Fordham and worked on Max’s House


"I always admired and was inspired by the brilliance of his mind and the generosity of spirit. Max somehow managed to keep a youthful passion and set of ideals throughout his entire working life." - Phil Armitage, Senior Partner at Max Fordham, colleague of Max for many years


"For me, Max’s most important legacy is the approach he instilled in the practice. What might be felt to be commendable by some, was seen as the minimum standard for him." - Andrew Stephen, Partner at Max Fordham

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