Published Texts

Published Texts

Here are a few of Max's most notable papers, articles, and speeches. We've included a summary or excerpt of each, but click on the titles to see the full versions.

"Radiant Wall Panel Heating with Mechanical Ventilation" on behalf of CIBSE, 1980

This paper outlines the search for a design method for radiant wall panel heating using steel pipe coils embedded in concrete cross walls, in a local authority housing scheme (500 dwellings).

Using an electrical analogue method, it provides details of heat outputs to be expected for variable pipe spacings and temperatures, for a fixed wall thickness or pipe depth. Anticipated room conditions and control problems are investigated. The radiant heating is linked with a mechanical ventilation system in each dwelling to aid control and minimise the risk of condensation.

A cost comparison with radiators is given (1970 prices) and some details of site tests.

"Building Happiness: Architecture to Make you Smile" edited by Jane Wernick, 2008

The book discusses the nature of happiness within our built environment. Max wrote the chapter titled The Role of Comfort in Happiness.

"The specification of environmental standards should be considered more in the light of happiness than in the interests of wealth producing productivity"

In association with Building Futures, the book includes ideas and debates informed by architects such as Herman Hertzberger and Aldo van Eyck, with these brought up to date through the work of contemporary architects and commentators. The nature of our environment, how we use it and how we are conditioned by it is considered in detail, particularly the ways this affects our sense of wellbeing or happiness. Is this a personal feeling or is it how space is used in our community that constructs happiness? Is it green eco-houses, traditional cottages or 1970s modernism that makes you happy?

Building Happiness comprises both short commentaries and longer essays concerned with the impact of our built environment. The book also provides a visual representation of the themes addressed through evocative illustrations, sketches and photography. With an introduction by Jane Wernick and contributions by architectural and social critics such as Jeremy Till, Shami Chakrabarti, and Kirsty Wark, as well as commentaries from Glenda Jackson and prestigious architects and artists such as Richard Rogers and Richard Wentworth, amongst others.

Max's speech at the Practice's 50th Anniversary Party at Tate Modern, 2016

"We have much to be proud of over the course of the last 50 years. The portfolio of innovative architecture employing innovative environmental design is our main achievement. I won’t name examples for fear of leaving anyone out. Tonight, I express our gratitude to all of our guests here for your collaboration and the part you have played in our success. I hope you continue to do so.

Those of you here tonight who once worked with us, equally I thank you for your contribution. I hope you enjoyed your time with the Practice, and carry its ideals forward.

For those of you who are partners and as employees, waiting for partnership, of the Practice, I congratulate you for your dedication, your hard work, your determination and your intellect. The buildings we inhabit, the cities we live in, the environment we enjoy and the planet we share are all the better for your efforts." 

Max's speech on accepting the Prince Philip Designers Prize, 2008

"It is an honour to have been nominated by The Royal Society of Arts for your Prince Phillip Designers Prize. The honour is special because the engineering of services installations in buildings is not usually associated with design. So I am grateful to the RSA and the judges of this prize for their acknowledgement that engineering design really is design, and should be encouraged."

Building Happiness: Architecture to Make you Smile" edited by Jane Wernick, 2008

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