Videos of Max

Max was an inspiring and captivating public speaker. Many who saw him speak, or were taught by him, remembered his obscure anecdotes and infectious laugh long after he had finished speaking.

Here's a few clips of Max in action...

"Meet Max" (2011):


"Grand Designs, House of the Year" (2019):

Max's House was shortlisted for "RIBA House of the Year 2019", which meant it was featured on Grand Designs that same year.

The feature on Max's House was part of Episode 3 and starts at 29:12. You can watch it here.

Max's Home on Grand Designs


"Max Fordham: The Next 50 Years" in discussion with Julie Godefroy for The Engineering Club (2016):


"Camden Lives" at Camden Create Festival with Helen Vassilakas (2014):


"The STIR lecture CROSSOVER" at Design LDN (2009): 


"AA School of Architecture: New Directions in Environmental Design", alongside Patrick Bellew (2000):


"The Entrepreneurs" Monocle Podcast (2016):

This last one isn't a video, but instead a podcast. Max was interviewed for Chapter 2. Click on the image below to listen, the feature on Max starts at 9:30.

"The Entrepreneurs" Monocle Podcast (2016)

Featured Project

Max Fordham House