Most people who work in our offices travel on foot, by bike, or on public transport - these are the most sustainable ways to get around. All of our offices are located within walking distance of tube or train stations. We hope this will encourage all of our visitors to also travel to our offices in the most sustainable way possible.

We have a hybrid working. model with our people doing a mixture of office and home working. We continue to be available via our mobile numbers and email addresses, and also through Microsoft Teams. All of our email addresses follow the format ''. If you know the name of the person you wish to contact, please e-mail them directly.

Otherwise, you can contact us using the details below:

The Rotunda
42-43 Gloucester Crescent
London NW1 7PE
St Andrew's House
59 St Andrew's Street
Cambridge CB2 3BZ
Exchange Place 3
3 Semple Street
Edinburgh EH3 8BL
Carver's Warehouse
77 Dale Street
Manchester M1 2HG
Beacon Tower (formerly Colston Tower)
Colston Street
Bristol BS1 4XE


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London, Cambridge, and Manchester

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