Andrew Johnson


Principal Engineer, Partner

I approach each project with the aim of helping the architect achieve their vision. I do this by incorporating well-designed and energy-efficient engineering to enhance the occupants’ enjoyment of the building.

As a Low Carbon Consultant, I specialise in ensuring our buildings comply with energy regulations. I’ve completed IES computer modelling on many projects, and have taught these skills to students at the University of Edinburgh.

This energy-focus comes from my extensive experience as a Project Engineer, working on a range of projects across the cultural, residential and sports sectors. I’ve been given plenty of freedom and responsibility throughout my career, teaching me to be hands-on and providing me with a thorough working knowledge of each design stage and their requirements.

I am particularly well-versed in running projects on site; maintaining relationships with contractors to help see our design aims become reality. These are the sorts of skills I hope to pass on to my team as their own projects progress.

I am experienced in Passivhaus design.

Andrew Johnson