MEP engineering

We design low-energy, low-carbon mechanical, electrical, and public health (MEP) systems for buildings: keeping them warm in winter and cool in summer; well-lit and well-ventilated; the water hot and the drains flowing; and, above all, their inhabitants comfortable. Simply put, as MEP engineers, we design buildings that are a pleasure to be in. 

Exterior of the sports centre of a clear blue-sky day. The ground floor of the building is glazed with a large upper section that appears to be clad in wood.

MEP engineering leaders

About MEP engineering

We elegantly and sympathetically integrate our systems with architectural designs, whether those are for a new social housing development or the refurbishment of a Grade I-listed museum. We design without fossil fuels, take a passive approach to environmental control, and work hard to design and control our MEP systems to be ultra-low energy in use, intuitive to operate, and easy to maintain, as well as reliable, resilient, and affordable. 

Care and collaboration – both with clients and the wider design team – is one of our biggest strengths. We take the time to really understand our clients’ needs; to think critically about each engineering problem as a unique one; and to challenge the limits of received wisdom to reduce operational energy costs wherever possible. The result is beautiful engineering.

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