Masterplanning advice

Running in parallel with our strategic sustainability consultancy, our sustainability, energy, modelling, and wellbeing specialists help our clients set holistic and future-proofed strategies for their estate-wide masterplans. 

A view through a low square arch to a central planted courtyard, surrounded by new build flats

About masterplanning advice

In 2003, we ‘wrote the book’ on embedding sustainability principles in urban design and residential masterplanning – drawing on our thorough understanding of how buildings work (particularly in energy and water consumption terms) to provide a set of enduring, realistic, and workable design guidelines for liveable cities. Since then, we have incorporated new disciplines – strategic embodied carbon and whole-life carbon advice; sophisticated modelling of light and air to optimise designs for differing environmental conditions across any given site; wellbeing assessments that put inhabitant comfort ahead of basic regulatory requirements – to provide masterplanning advice for residential, higher education, and mixed-use schemes of all kinds. 

As MEP engineers and sustainability consultants, we have a deep understanding of the built environment and the construction sector – an understanding that allows us to help our clients successfully navigate, anticipate, and respond to changing regulatory landscapes over the long timeframes associated with masterplanning. 

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