High performance, low energy office buildings in the UK use NABERS to assess, benchmark, design, advertise, and market their operational energy efficiency. Involving a high level of detailed design input as well as in-depth dynamic modelling, and rigorously assessed by independent third-party certifiers, a NABERS UK Design for Performance, and subsequently an Energy for Offices (in-use), rating of 5* or higher is currently the most robust way of reliably showing that a workspace manages operational energy as efficiently and sustainably as possible.

Street view of 11 Belgrave Road.


Max Fordham’s specialist building performance modelling team works hand-in-glove with our mechanical, electrical, and public health (MEP) engineers to help our clients target and achieve NABERS UK 5.5* and above Design for Performance ratings (in fact, we led the NABERS assessment on the first UK building to achieve that rating – 11 Belgrave Road). Starting with advice rooted in experience at the earliest project stages, the modelling team works closely with our engineers to set the design strategies that will be the foundation for achieving low operational energy. As the project goes on, we use our in-depth understanding of later-stage building services designs and building controls to provide the extensive, detailed modelling that will reliably illustrate how the building performs when in use. 

Once the building is occupied, our Post Occupancy Evaluation team works with our NABERS modellers to monitor and optimise the office’s energy use to achieve the best NABERS Energy for Offices rating possible, potentially exceeding the Design for Performance rating. If we haven’t been Design for Performance modellers, we can also assist our clients in achieving NABERS Energy for Office (in use) ratings. Sustainable, low energy office buildings that perform for their users are the result. 

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