Daylight and solar design

Daylight is much more than a source of illumination. It’s essential for our physical and emotional wellbeing. With natural light, however, comes the risks of glare, overheating in summer fuelled by solar heat gain, and large heat losses in winter arising from excessive or inappropriate glazing. We offer a scientific examination of the daylight potential of projects of all kinds, optimising all aspects of this valuable resource for museums, galleries, sports clubs, and public institutions.

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Daylight and solar design leaders

About daylight and solar design

Our specialist daylight design team uses state-of-the-art solar analysis combined with extensive experience to guide the design of daylight for the most demanding projects. Together with our environmental design strategists and our architectural lighting designers, our goal is simply to fill a building with natural light and fresh air.

Our team have backgrounds that range from electrical engineering and physics to architecture, product design, and fine art, and, as a result, our approach to daylight and solar design blends scientific analysis with design flair. We collaborate with architects, clients, and urban planners from the earliest stages of a construction project to advise on façade design and massing, balancing solar control with abundant natural light, views, and access to the outside. We also work with MEP engineers to carefully calibrate the ingress of sun and skylight via glazing and shading while minimising both overheating and energy consumption; with artists and curators to bring daylight into galleries and museums without compromising on strict conservation requirements; and with wellbeing specialists to create comfortable and beautiful environments of all kinds. 

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