Andrew McQuatt


Principal Engineer, Partner

My aim on every project is to fully understand my client’s needs. That way, I can engineer environments that are comfortable and sustainable with systems that are easy for the occupants to operate.

My experience crosses a range of sectors – from offices and schools to social housing. The thread joining this diverse range of projects is my skill in energy-efficient design. I’ve designed natural ventilation and daylight strategies and incorporated biomass boilers, solar thermal, wind turbines and photovoltaics.

There’s an environmental focus to my work, in that I’m designing systems that use less resources, and I enjoy seeing them develop from concept to completion. For example, John Hope Gateway Building at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh showcases a wide range of low-carbon and renewable technologies and includes an above and below-ground rainwater harvesting system. The Toffee Factory office space refurbishment includes a biomass boiler heating system, natural ventilation and daylighting design.

Andrew McQuatt