Josh Rodell


Senior Acoustic Engineer, Partner

A thousand tiny elements are responsible for the sound of a space. I help design teams understand how the choices they make can change the acoustics of a space, and how those changes will affect the people who use it.

I like to work on projects throughout their life so that I’m able to include acoustic considerations from the start, as well as build a strong relationship with the design team. Each member of the team has their own expectations and requirements for the spaces we’re designing. Without clear and creative communication, the requirements needed to give a space good acoustics can seem arbitrary, and the processes behind them mysterious.

As part of my degree, I investigated the theoretical side of acoustics. Following my studies and while at Max Fordham, I have brought much of this theory into practice on a range of different projects, across a many different sectors and scales.

Recently, I modelled the effect of acoustic baffles in the open-plan offices at the new University of Cambridge Civil Engineering Building. I then developed a design based on minimising the distraction to users, rather than the traditional approach, which is just based on noise levels.

I have also been very involved in the design of our SoundSpace, a full 3D acoustics studio at our London office. I worked with the contractors to coordinate the layout, and designed and built speaker stands to fit our specific requirements. Once the space was complete, I developed a calibration routine, and have presented demonstrations to various clients and design teams.

One such demonstration was for a client on a large new-build religious building. I produced moving auralisations in different parts of the building, and through this the client was able to experience walking through their building decades before it is due to be complete. I also provided the client with binaural mixes of these auralisations so that they could be shown to the project funders.

Josh Rodell