Lauma Balina


Principal Engineer, Partner

‘Spend any time speaking with Max Fordham engineers and you’ll hear two recurring themes – maximum user comfort/minimum environmental impact.

I’m no different. I design buildings that work for the people that occupy them while reducing the burden to the natural environment.

It’s possible to design the most energy efficient building in the world, but if it’s unpleasant to be in, or difficult to operate, then it will not be efficient in use. The best way to limit this possibility is to design the building’s systems with the users in mind, giving them just enough control without compromising the energy performance.

I love the variety of work that we do at Max Fordham. Each project brings new challenges. I enjoy finding better ways of installing services, no matter how unorthodox, that serve the architecture and meet the client’s ambitions. It’s nice to have all the room in the world to fit all the services, but where’s the fun in that? I like unlocking the possibilities that a tight brief brings.’

Lauma Balina