Neil Cogan

BEng MRes

Senior Sustainability Consultant, Partner

Every project comes with its own opportunities and constraints. 

My role is to ensure that a building is doing all it can to meet the needs of its prospective occupants, now and into the distant future. And to ensure that this is being done in a way that considers the project’s economic viability, social well-being and the environmental impact.

It’s easy to be cynical about sustainability, but it’s so much more than mere ‘greenwash’. In my role, I am in a great position to ensure sustainability is central to the design process – from the procurement of materials used in construction to ease-of-use for the facilities management team.

I’ve been fortunate to develop a wide range of skills on a number of building types and scales that lends versatility to my role of Sustainability Assessor. Whether it be a one-off, single dwelling or a campus-sized commercial development, my understanding of the engineering brings added value to the design team. I can consider measures appropriate to a specific project and ensure sustainability aspirations are met through the most efficient means.

Neil Cogan