Sophia Barker



I find it satisfying when I am able to create simple, elegant, low-energy designs that provide a comfortable building for people to enjoy.

The sustainability aspect of our work is what drives me.  The fact that the buildings we build today will be there for the generations to come means that the design needs to be energy efficient and robust. 

I enjoy working to design constraints and finding ways of making things work, keeping both the architect and client happy. I’ve had the privilege of working on some great projects in my career with Max Fordham since joining as a graduate in 2013.

I have worked on many residential and visitor buildings, applying the principles of low energy design that delivers to the ambitions of the brief.

These projects not only cover new-builds but also many refurbishments of existing and listed buildings, which require an investigative mind to work within the constraints of the existing site and infrastructure. My experience in running projects on site has given me an in-depth understanding of how building systems come together.

I am also a certified Passivhaus designer.

Sophia Barker