Sophia Barker


Senior Engineer, Passivhaus Consultant, Partner

I find it satisfying when I am able to create simple, elegant, low-energy designs that provide a comfortable building for people to enjoy.

The sustainability aspect of our work is what motivates me. The fact that the buildings we build today will be there for the generations to come means that our designs need to be energy efficient and robust. 

My experience as a Passivhaus designer gives me confidence that buildings can be both beautiful and comfortable, with minimal energy use and complexity. I have worked on numerous Passivhaus projects including student accommodation for the University of Cambridge and the regeneration of Agar Grove Estate. As a certified Passivhaus Consultant I am responsible for modelling buildings in PHPP, the Passivhaus modelling software, and for reviewing the design with architects, clients and contractors, from design stage through to construction.

I enjoy working to constraints and finding ways of making a building work for everyone involved. I have a good understanding of how people use buildings and of the various techniques to achieve a low energy design, whether using inventive service routing or the latest technology. This, combined with my Passivhaus experience, means that I am able to maximise the design of both the systems within buildings and the building fabric.

Sophia Barker