Max Fordham reigns strong at RIBA Awards

29 June 2012

Almost a fifth of the 50 RIBA National Award winners last night were Max Fordham projects.

Our nine recognised UK projects have now gained a place on the Stirling Prize longlist.

These include:

• The Triangle; 
• Royal Veterinary College; 
• St Paul’s Church, Hammersmith; 
• Brentwood School; 
• Brockholes Visitors Centre; 
• Henrietta Barnett School; 
• Toffee Factory;
• National Museum of Scotland; and,
• Peabody Avenue.

Max Fordham projects also made up half of the winning housing schemes, with Peabody Avenue and The Triangle gaining a spot on the Longlist.

This comes in a year where public sectors schemes were notably smaller in number, demonstrating the practice’s increasingly strong presence in this sector.

The practice also took home four RIBA Regional Awards, for:
• The Hub, Coventry University; 
• Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury; 
• Theatre Royal, Newcastle; and,
• Catmose Campus.

Special Awards that cover sustainability, conservation and education were also handed out to a number of our projects. In particular, The Triangle and the Toffee Factory gained additional acclaim in the Regional Sustainability category.

For more information visit the RIBA Awards website.