Nick Cramp talks to AirRated about healthy and sustainable lighting design

17 February 2022

Nick Cramp, Light + Air Team Leader and Senior Partner at Max Fordham, has been interviewed by global air quality organisation, Air Rated, for their 2021 review magazine.  

Focusing on the indoor environment, the magazine gives a voice to industry leaders and experts from around the world seeking their views on technology, clean air and the relationship between air quality and our health. The magazine also features thought-provoking research, news and conversations, and how sustainable practices may help us to reduce the impact of the climate crisis. 

Nick talks about the significant role good lighting design plays in creating welcoming and inclusive indoor environments which are highly energy efficient.

"One of the greatest examples of sustainability is permanence, so if we aspire to create the healthiest, most inspiring and most accessible lighting schemes then we can ensure that our projects are well-used and have a long life, saving on waste and emissions." - Nick Cramp, Light & Air Leader and Senior Partner at Max Fordham

You can read the full 2021 air quality review, including Nick's thoughts on how lighting design can help to deliver buildings that are both healthy and sustainable here, on page 102.