Dr Anthony Chilton


Director, Acoustics Leader, Partner

My goal is to find the acoustic solution that helps make buildings more comfortable.

Success is a building that sounds and feels just right.  In some cases, this means occupants should not be consciously aware of the acoustics.  In others, sound should be an active part of the character and function of the space.

Ideally, the acoustics are considered at an early stage of the design process. This makes it possible to achieve real benefits using the building and site layout thereby minimising the need for dedicated acoustic treatments.

Delivering good acoustics in a finished building is about attention to detail and monitoring the implementation of our designs through the construction process.  This is equally important for a naturally-ventilated school, open-plan office, world-class performance space or broadcast-quality sports venue. 

In my experience, creative thinking, good communication and collaboration across the design team are critical for a successful project, because the acoustic performance is influenced by all aspects of the building’s design.

Dr Anthony Chilton