Christine Wiech


Senior Engineer, Partner

I focus on the detail. I work closely with contractors to deliver services that achieve the original design intent. Armed with this experience, I can help clients operate their building’s services most effectively.

Effective delivery starts from a deep understanding of mechanical and electrical engineering, in both new and existing buildings. My approach is flexible, because client needs and budgets vary and the services need to be designed to suit. I’m able to bring to life the architect’s aspirations, while explaining any technical issues in straightforward terms.

Working on a number of Listed buildings and Scheduled Ancient Monuments in the course of my career means that I am used to delivering services design within strict architectural constraints.

I also understand the requirements of gallery, museum and archive spaces and the demands of tight environmental control. My experience designing passive archives gives me an invaluable understanding of the effects of temperature and humidity on precious art and books.

Christine Wiech