Colin Darlington


Director, Performance Spaces Leader, Partner

Engineering is about balance. It's balancing technical issues, client requirements and architectural ambitions to deliver elegant, unobtrusive services design.

This often means working within tight constraints, and where some see this as an obstacle, I relish the challenge. I’m interested in delivering great projects: buildings with well-resolved, appropriate design, ones that are responsive to the particular needs of the brief and effective in use.

I operate across mechanical, electrical and environmental engineering disciplines. My experience tells me that there is no one right answer to complex design problems. I believe in doing right by the client and sharing a commitment to achieve the architect’s vision.

Working closely with design team and other engineers, I help them explore fresh approaches to seemingly familiar problems. It’s about looking at the brief in a detailed way to come up with imaginative proposals, developing them into appropriate solutions, and following through to make sure it happens.

Colin Darlington