David Atkinson


Principal Engineer, Partner

Building services influence our experience of the places in which we live, work and visit. I see it as my role to design services that add positively to that experience.

Having worked on services design and on-site delivery for a wide range of building sectors, both in the UK and abroad, my experience is varied and comprehensive.  I’ve applied my design skills to everything from a Grade I listed College accommodation to a commercial tower block in Milan and at all phases of the construction process. 

This can mean seeing a project from competition and feasibility to scheme and detailed design and finally ensuring our work is delivered correctly on site. My ability to drive long term and complex projects comes from extensive experience through each phase on commercial, residential and cultural buildings.

One of the things I’ve learnt in the course of my career is the benefit of developing close relationships with my project teams to achieve service design that works with the building and its architecture

David Atkinson