Gwilym Still


Principal Engineer

I enjoy helping to deliver robust, low-energy designs that work and are sensitive to the building’s architecture, whether adapting an existing building, or developing a new one.

Essentially, it’s about appropriate design to meet the brief. I can deliver Passivhaus graduate accommodation for a Cambridge College, low-energy office buildings for owner-occupiers, and very simple, grassroots designs as part of Max Fordham’s Developing Countries Group.

This comes from experience following projects through all stages of the construction process. I enjoy the continuity that this brings, especially in aftercare where we can learn from our designs in action, seeing how operation impacts energy consumption and environmental conditions.

Throughout the design process I help optimise the building design using building physics and other modelling software, and then play an active role in site delivery and commissioning. With experience ranging from heating and water systems through to lighting and controls, I’m well-versed in delivering low-energy environmental design.

I am also a Certified Passivhaus Consultant.

Gwilym Still