Kiru Balson


Principal Sustainability Consultant

I have always been inspired by creating buildings that truly express what they are intended for. As physically and environmentally comfortable spaces for people, materials are the messengers that help architects deliver this vision. I enjoy collaborating with diverse stakeholders to develop sustainable architecture that delivers intended outcomes for the users and the environment.

I am a Chartered Architectural Technologist with a Masters in Energy Efficiency and Sustainability from Oxford Brookes University. I joined Max Fordham LLP in 2020. Prior to this I worked at BRE for over 12 years as a Senior Sustainability Consultant holding a range of responsibilities including project management, client liaison and technical delivery.

My role as a Sustainability Consultant is critical in enabling integrated design thinking, in its true sense, and finding solutions that are both viable and sustainable over the long term. I develop project specific sustainability frameworks and undertake appraisals for whole life carbon and circular economy. I coordinate input of these sustainability aspects through all stages of a project – from concept through to aftercare.

Kiru Balson