Lee Valley Ice Centre

This all-electric project is the most sustainable ice centre in the UK, exceeding its carbon reduction targets by 66%.

Aerial view of the Lee Valley Ice Centre and surrounding area.

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Faulkner Browns


Lee Valley Regional Park Authority



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One of the most popular ice-skating venues in the UK, the original Lee Valley Ice Centre could accommodate around 279,000 visits per year. But after 36 years of use, the centre was nearing the end of its operational life and struggling to meet demand.

The new centre comprises dual Olympic-sized ice rinks, including a performance pad provided with a spectator capacity of up to 800 spectators, a modern gym, a multi-purpose studio, a café, and venue operation offices. The new building has doubled capacity to 557,000 visits per year and has expanded the range of activities that can be run at the centre concurrently.

Our goal for the project was to introduce innovative use of construction, energy, and potable water reduction strategies. The ice halls are specifically tailored to ensure high-quality ice pad surfaces as insulated, airtight boxes with tight and efficient forms to reduce conductive heat loss. 

Sustainable design

Air source heat pumps are now the heat source for the centre, which efficiently produces low-grade hot water. The new building utilises a low-grade heating source to provide the base heating energy from the ice plant chiller heat rejection and ASHPs. An extensive photovoltaic roof covering 400m2 of the roof has been installed, avoiding 39,312kg CO2/annum. 400m2 

Significant native planting and landscape enhancements have resulted in a significant biodiversity net gain of over 35%. Melted ice from the centre is filtered through reed beds and then used to create new wetland habitats on site with an emphasis on biodiversity enhancement.


photovoltaic roof


CO2 saved per annum


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