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Representation is important: Marking 10 years of International Women in Engineering Day

This year marks the 10th year of International Women in Engineering Day (INWED), a day set up to give women in engineering a profile and hopefully…

Zaha was inspirational for engineers too

Today is Women in Engineering Day, a time for promoting and celebrating the participation of women in the industry. Even though she was not an…

'Social Engineering': Green Sky Thinking 2015

Once again this year, Max Fordham hosted an event as part of the Green Sky Thinking programme. Titled ‘Social Engineering – Why People Won’t…

Architecture. Meet Beautiful Engineering

Earlier this year, architect Ken Shuttleworth stood in front of a group of engineers at the CIBSE Awards dinner and branded members of his own…

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“hahaha Bertie.
I know what you mean!
Some people shout on the phone all the time too. Others adopt other 'telephone voice' mannerisms. It's just another way that we're different when communicating…”

- Jeremy Climas