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Overheating in Housing- A Hot Topic

Last summer, now but a distant memory, there were a number of industry events held, and reports and guidance published, on the subject of overheating…

How will we heat London?

They increase CO2 emissions, they waste heat, they are expensive to install and expensive to run. District heating and Combined Heat and Power…

Follow Us at WREC 2014

The World Renewable Energy Conference kicks off on Monday 4th August and I'll be tweeting live from the event. You can follow along on Twitter…

What is wrong with district or community heating

There are many views on community heating held by a growing number of interested parties. Here Bill Watts provides his take on why installing…

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“hahaha Bertie.
I know what you mean!
Some people shout on the phone all the time too. Others adopt other 'telephone voice' mannerisms. It's just another way that we're different when communicating…”

- Jeremy Climas