Andrew Leiper


Director, Net Zero Carbon Leader, Partner

Successful delivery of a project is roughly one third engineering, one third organisational and one third communication skills.

Collaborative working is a part of the process and one that I enjoy as initial concepts develop into the detailed design and installation of mechanical and electrical services. I design efficient integrated building services which, although more or less invisible to the eye, affect how the space feels and make buildings come alive.

If a certain amount of warmth and light is provided passively by the building, my engineering complements and enhances what's there to ensure the environment is comfortable. It also provides the necessary interfaces to power, water and data.

Efficiency is about having the right level and type of mechanical intervention in the project. Integrating the services allows for flexible use of the space and a cleaner aesthetic. Whether it is a leisure centre, housing scheme, gallery or workspace, these principles remain the same.

Andrew Leiper