Andrew Stephen

MEng DipPhys AMIMechE

Principal Engineer, Partner

I’m interested in the whole project from the brief, design and development to delivery. This means I look to generate practical solutions, without unnecessary complication, which match the client’s requirements.

I’ve been fortunate to work on projects where the services brief has been challenging. In cases like these paying as much attention to the design detail as to the paperwork is essential. Along the way I've learnt not just what is possible, but also what is sensible and when to look for an alternative.

Detailed environmental models allow me to show clients the most effective route to achieving their aspirations for how the building feels. I’ve produced reports for the cultural, residential and healthcare sectors, tailoring each to the specific needs of the site, client and development.

For me it's about using technology to achieve the right design, and following through to see it delivered and into use.

Andrew Stephen