Mark Palmer


Director, Edinburgh Office Leader and Sports Leader, Partner

I try to demystify the engineering, seeking input and debate from everyone involved. Ensuring there’s positive engagement throughout the design and construction process is key to delivering a successful building.

Each project has something special about it. There are no standard solutions, yet my approach remains the same: responding to the brief in an intelligent and robust way. It all begins with helping the client to understand what they want from their building so that they can tell us what they want for the services.

I've seen social housing, education and cultural projects from inception to delivery and into use. My hands-on, cross-sector experience means that I know how buildings really work in practice, and can judge where it's sensible to innovate.

At its best the project team works together seamlessly, and we are involved at an early stage in shaping the design. This collaborative approach has helped me conceive and deliver optimum design solutions, which have contributed to the realisation of many beautiful buildings.

Mark Palmer