Dr Neil Smith

BEng EngD CEng FIMechE

Director, Workspaces Leader, Partner

Buildings are composed of different energy flows. Whether light, heat, air, electricity or sound, my firm understanding of the physics of fluid mechanics has proved invaluable in its application in building design.

With expertise in cultural, sports, education and workspace projects, I’m skilled at delivering high quality results for the client. I am fortunate to have led our teams working on award-winning international projects.

There are cultural differences to working overseas, recognising that things are done differently and being sensitive to that, as well as appreciating differing regulatory issues. I've found that expectations of environmental conditioning differ between countries as well, and understanding those differences is essential.

Forming strong relationships across the project team on international and domestic projects alike is critical. Forging these partnerships improves our ideas generation and allows our designs to integrate in a way which is sympathetic to the vision of the architect and the aspirations of the client.

Dr Neil Smith