Pete Leonard


Principal Acoustic Engineer, Partner

Rather than imposing restrictions on the architectural design, I enjoy collaborating with the architect in order to find the acoustic solution that works in harmony with the building’s aesthetic.

We help design many aspects of the building from wall and floor constructions, to ventilation design, to the size and shape of the building.  The impact of this work is that sounds stay where they are wanted, at the right level and quality - so students can hear their teacher and audiences can enjoy the performance.

It is important to establish, at an early stage, the aspirations and expectations of the client and end-users. This enables us to develop our design goals.  I work towards providing a good acoustic environment for the client whilst reducing the impact on the project.

I see acoustic engineering as the process of finding, by collaboration, solutions to a multitude of intertwined considerations. A complex search for maximum benefit and minimum cost.

Pete Leonard