Environmental Responsibility

It's impossible to fake responsibility. It's taking account and being accountable. Being generous and thinking of others. Being prepared to think and act beyond yourself. Nowadays, corporate, social and environmental responsibility comes with metrics and measurements, tick boxes and accreditation. But at Max Fordham responsibility is something we have always exercised, long before it was considered a business process.

We have always recognised that looking after our people results in benefits for all. That caring for what happens in our surrounding communities, and helping where we can, is a serious responsibility. And we have always cared deeply about using our engineering know-how to deliver and run better, more energy-efficient buildings. And that goes for our pro-bono work in developing countries.

We bring what has always been within us to the measurement of such things for the purposes of accreditation. But equally we recognise that responsibility means doing the right thing even when no-one is looking.