Edmund Chan


Director, Mechanical Leader, Partner

I use my knowledge and experience to design and deliver buildings that will function well and offer an enjoyable experience for the people that use them.

As a mechanical design and environmental modelling specialist, I understand how a building’s services will best function. I’ve played a lead role in providing robust services engineering for commercial, educational, cultural and sports buildings, from concept and design through to delivery and operation.

My environmental modelling skills both aid and prove building designs. I’ve used modelling to optimise our daylight and natural ventilation design, as well as completing carbon and energy modelling to meet planning and building regulations. My specialist knowledge means I also help train our graduate engineers.

Having worked on a number of listed building projects, I understand the challenge of designing within the constraints of the existing structure whilst also respecting its architecture. I particularly enjoy the technical and spatial challenges of making historic buildings fit for the 21st Century.

With this experience comes an appreciation for the building industry’s diversity. From the installer on site to the ambitious design team, I value everyone’s role and work to their strengths to deliver successful projects.

Edmund Chan