Iain Shaw


Director, Manchester Office Leader and Hospitality Leader, Partner

I enjoy taking the whole project through from the architect’s concept on the back of an envelope to a real functioning building that will last for decades.

This means designing services that are subtle, incorporated into the architecture, and enhance the experience of being inside the building.  And installations that are robust, easy and intuitive for the building’s future manager  -  we do the hard work so they don't have to.

My job is 50% science and maths, 50% communication with everyone involved, from the client, design team, and contractor to the pipe fitter! I relish the nitty gritty of mechanical design and problem solving, especially on existing buildings that we are refurbishing to be more energy-efficient.

Understanding at an early stage both the client’s requirements and the architect’s aspirations is essential to the success of the project.  With this knowledge I can translate their ideas into a design on paper that can be built.

Iain Shaw