Decarbonisation Plans

The vast majority of buildings that will exist in 2050 have already been built. For the UK and the world to become net zero carbon by this date, it is essential that we decarbonise these existing buildings and estates.

We are experienced in completing energy audits, infrastructure assessments, and advising on decarbonisation plans, to help building owners and estate managers to reduce their carbon emissions and their operational costs.

Many existing buildings suffer from poor insulation and poor airtightnesswhich increase the amount of heating that’s neededand are powered by carbon-intensive systems such as gas boilers and inefficient lighting. Our engineers and sustainability consultants have the expertise to help you devise a plan for refurbishing and retrofitting your buildings, from low and zero carbon heat (such as heat pumps), to maximising daylight and renewable energy generation, to thermal fabric improvements.

We have been through the process of decarbonising existing buildings both as a consultant and as a client (our own offices were the first to achieve Net Zero Carbon against the UKGBC's framework). We are experienced in presenting decarbonisation strategies to a wide range of building owners and stakeholders including universities, councils, estate owners and heritage organisations.

We can also help navigate the process of acquiring funding via SALIX or other grant schemes, and the complex practical (and moral) challenges relating to carbon offsetting.

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    Wolfson College, Oxford - we are working with the College on an £8M project to cut at least 75% of its carbon emissions by March 2022, as part of the College's plan to achieve a net zero carbon estate by 2030 at the latest.
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    Theatre Royal, Newcastle - we developed a heat decarbonisation strategy for Royal House, an integral part of this Grade II listed theatre, including a central heat pump, secondary glazing and solar PV panels.
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    Museum of Science and Industry - with our support the museum made a successful application for £4.3M of SALIX grant funding, which will enable a retrofit programme that delivers an annual reduction of 515 tonnes of carbon emissions.

Decarbonisation Plans