Our evidence-based approach to Wellbeing focuses on actions that lead to better outcomes for occupant productivity and health. Our service starts by exploring the options and opportunities that will fulfil our client’s long-term objectives. We provide design guidance and can offer informed advice to help identify where the real benefits of wellbeing for each project lie.

The Wellbeing Canvas

In response to the growing need for effective health and wellbeing briefing at the early stages of design, we have developed our own tool, the Wellbeing Canvas. Developed by our in-house environmental psychologist, The Wellbeing Canvas captures how a building’s occupants are supported by their organisational work culture. Through a facilitated workshop we identify how key functional needs could be met through the project design and by the management practices.

The tool is compatible with any certification system; in fact it can aid the certification strategy, as the Canvas process clarifies and ranks the project’s objectives.


We have the expertise and accreditation to guide projects through both WELL and Fitwel certification processes. We do not believe in a one size fits all approach: we spend time with client and design teams to explore the drivers, aspirations and ramifications of the certification process.

We have extensive experience of guiding design teams to attain challenging goals and are practised at maximising value for clients and providing cost benefit analysis of the solutions proposed. Our considered and measured approach weighs up effectiveness per pound spent to produce buildings that really work and deliver.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Wellbeing service or have a project that you'd like us to get involved in, please contact Henry Pelly.

  • Image: Alex Campbell Info
    Our Wellbeing Canvas was used to develop and capture the Soil Association's 'Wellbeing Brief' that guided the design for their new headquarters.