Tom Bentham

MEng PhD Ceng

Director, Education Leader, Partner

I believe engineers need to understand and communicate the physical principles of how buildings work. For me, the most exciting design uses this understanding to open new possibilities, combining elegant architecture with innovative engineering.

My approach is to combine engineering design and building physics analysis. This dual focus has allowed me to develop and deliver novel environmental designs that really work, including the groundbreaking acoustically attenuated natural ventilation scheme at City Academy, Hackney. This scheme lets students enjoy fresh air without noisy disturbance from the street outside.

I’ve enjoyed working on a wide range of projects from bespoke cooling systems for art installations (Nelson’s Ship in a Bottle in Trafalgar Sq) to large contractor-led developments where the emphasis is on delivering efficient, economical services design to a tight programme.

This range of experience helps me to quickly pick up a new project’s brief and aspirations, and tailor our design approach to suit.

Tom Bentham