Net Zero Carbon


All of our engineers are knowledgeable about the requirement and delivery of net zero carbon buildings.

We also have a specialist MF:Net Zero team that are focused on supporting our clients and our practice in the delivery of net zero carbon buildings.

Hareth Pochee


Principal Engineer

I am a Physicist as well as an engineer, with a passion for design.  

This combination of skills allows me to really understand how buildings work. Sustainable and low-energy design inspires me and I have a great deal of expertise in public access, education and community buildings in particular.

I have been lead engineer for several projects with exemplar sustainable credentials including Brockholes and Rainham Visitors Centres.  On both these projects my role extended far beyond a traditional engineering role. It included advice on low environmental impact materials, low carbon catering, sustainable transport, waste management and post occupancy evaluation of energy and water use.   

Along with my project work, I’m also a senior member of the MAX:R+I team, a group within the Practice dedicated to research and innovation. There’s a great deal of satisfaction to be had exploring new ideas and developing creative ways to solve particular challenges. I think I have a flair for creating and delivering high performance results that are low-tech, low maintenance and really take into account the building users’ experience.

I am also a member of the Practice’s Developing Countries group that performs pro-bono work across Africa, Europe and Asia to make a difference in the lives of others.    

Andrew Leiper


Director, Net Zero Carbon Leader, Partner

Successful delivery of a project is roughly one third engineering, one third organisational and one third communication skills.

Collaborative working is a part of the process and one that I enjoy as initial concepts develop into the detailed design and installation of mechanical and electrical services. I design efficient integrated building services which, although more or less invisible to the eye, affect how the space feels and make buildings come alive.

If a certain amount of warmth and light is provided passively by the building, my engineering complements and enhances what's there to ensure the environment is comfortable. It also provides the necessary interfaces to power, water and data.

Efficiency is about having the right level and type of mechanical intervention in the project. Integrating the services allows for flexible use of the space and a cleaner aesthetic. Whether it is a leisure centre, housing scheme, gallery or workspace, these principles remain the same.

Henry Pelly

BA MSc MPhil

Principal Sustainability Consultant, Partner

There’s something satisfying about being in a well-conditioned space, where the temperature is just right, the air is fresh, the light-level appropriate.

But the things that make a difference to how a building feels are not immediately obvious to the eye. It’s about having the right systems in place and the processes that support efficient building operation that make the difference.

My background is in psychology, environmental design and architecture and I think this is a potent combination for making better buildings. Design can influence human behaviour, but the complexity and reality of human behaviour should also influence design.

I advise design teams on how they can apply sustainability concepts and methodologies to produce better buildings; buildings that work. BREEAM is one of the useful tools that can help meet this end. When approached in the right spirit as a holistic and robust standard rather than another form of compliance, it provides an excellent framework to ensure that the details that deliver better building survive to the end of the construction process.

David Lindsey


Director, London Office Leader, Partner

I take pride in delivering the project effectively. This means providing leadership and taking responsibility for the results, while making sure my team is fully engaged and working together.

Successful projects start by talking open-mindedly with the design team to find the most appropriate engineering solutions that answer the brief. It’s important to resist the tendency to over-complicate the design, so we don’t hinder a robust delivery and operation.

While my experience has covered all sectors, I have particular specialism in cultural buildings and the health sector. Having established the client’s clear aims, my role is to provide strong leadership and support throughout the whole engineering process; from procurement to delivery, testing then handover, right through to post occupancy support.

I’m well-placed to provide this whole project support thanks to over 25 years’ experience designing, delivering and monitoring a range of projects, working with numerous clients, project managers, architects and contractors.

Hero Bennett


Director, Sustainability Leader, Partner

I help clients to explore, define and achieve their sustainability aspirations. My work helps form excellent sustainable design that is appropriate for users, the site and the wider environment.

My experience gives me a broad understanding of what sustainability issues need to be considered during design. Having taken projects from design to site as an Engineer, I can appreciate some of the practical difficulties in delivering sustainability targets.

Communication throughout the process is key to overcoming these difficulties. I’m trained to facilitate sustainability discussions to set the aspirations and brief, communicate design options and help the team choose effective design strategies.

I also have experience explaining sustainability externally, through both public consultations and in presenting 'The Sustainability Matrix', a communication tool developed by Max Fordham and published in the Architects Journal in 2010. The work is varied; from looking at material selection for a private house to developing a masterplan’s sustainability and energy strategy. I’m interested in it all.

I am also experienced in Passivhaus design.

Net Zero Carbon