Napoli Afragola High Speed Train Station

Napoli Afragola High Speed Train Station

One of 13 new stations for Italy’s high speed rail system, Napoli Afragola serves as a monumental gateway to the city.

The environmental and services strategies were focused on using the abundant natural resources of the region to keep energy use to a minimum.

The project features inter-seasonal groundwater cooling and heating, solar hot-water generation, rainwater recycling and north-light daylighting. There is also mixed-mode ventilation for the station concourse areas.

The station platform canopies have been designed to allow for the future installation of extensive photovoltaic arrays. It’s envisaged these might one day meet the station’s entire operational electricity needs


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RFI S.p.A (Rete Ferroviaria Italiana)

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The main arrival and departure concourse - the saw tooth glazed roof has vertical banners suspended below which provide glare and acoustic control for the space. The mixture of north light and controlled direct sunlight creates a vibrant and dynamic space with minimal solar gains or solar discomfort for the passengers.
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This image shows the extent of the impressive glazed roof over the station concourses. The saw tooth shape of the roof glazing has high light transmission north facing glass and fitted solar control glass on the horizontal elements to reduce solar gains and glare. Extensive daylight and solar modelling was undertaken to arrive at the optimal daylighting strategy.
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This aerial view (during construction) shows the two ends of the large basement plantroom on either side of the outer platforms. This room houses the main air handling plant serving the building and is 5m high by 10m wide by 165m long.