theatre royal glasgow

Theatre Royal Glasgow

The transformation of the 19th century, Category A-listed, Theatre Royal included the remodelling and refurbishment of the existing building and construction of a foyer space.

A number of issues were existing in the auditorium, including overheating, draughts and poor ventilation. The design created a highly efficient ventilation system with heat recovery, mechanical cooling, improved controls and air distribution.

Dramatic daylighting throughout the foyer reduces the need for artificial lighting. All building services are carefully integrated into the historic fabric and complement the architecture of the original theatre. The energy efficient building services and controls provide healthy, comfortable environments for audiences and performers alike.


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Andrew Lee Info
The redevelopment of Glasgow's longest running Theatre included a work programme that minimised disruption to the day-to-day operation of the building.
Andrew Lee Info
The large structural glass windows afford generous views of Glasgow and flood the new addition with natural daylight.
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The ventilation strategy for the new foyer includes acoustically treated openings that draw in fresh air.
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The high-level lantern and glazing lends a natural, bright, calm quality and reduces the energy required for artificial lighting.
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The staircase forms a dramatic, sculptural element that ribbons through the foyer.
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The contrast of materials and colour adds visual interest within the Theatre addition.
Andrew Lee Info
Glimpses of daylight can be seen when looking up through the stunning central staircase.