Utility Infrastructure

Utility requirements for large masterplan developments are often complex, time-consuming and can represent significant cost and programme risks. At Max Fordham we believe that the utility strategy for large, complex sites is a core part of the overall approach to the building services. They are inexorably linked.

The utility strategy needs to be able to respond quickly to project updates, particularly in relation to phasing and energy strategies. Our dedicated specialist team focusses on masterplan utility strategies and, by keeping the expertise within the Practice and working very closely with the Energy and MEP teams, can rapidly react to proposed design changes and updates.

In addition to moving quickly, we understand the importance of building in flexibility to accommodate future changes, while at the same time making sure that the utilities are not oversized and prohibitively expensive.

Our primary aim is to offer a better, more bespoke service than that usually provided by stand-alone utility consultants. In understanding that the utility infrastructure is often a major source of potential risk, we use technical understanding, effective planning, early engagement, as well as clear, timely and effective communication with the various utility providers and wider design team to mitigate it.

Engaging with the statutory utility service providers at an early stage to fully understand the existing site infrastructure, calculate and provide early load estimates, confirm the viability of the new utility supplies and diversions, disconnections and removals required enables us to progress and complete the design, eliminate project risks and provide robust costs for the utility infrastructure works through viability, planning and detailed design stages and beyond, more usually to RIBA Stages 3 or 4.

Utility Infrastructure

Utility Infrastructure Leader